Download CSharpCalc 1.0 beta 3

Before you download the latest version of CSharpCalc, please read the entire license agreement in the right column of this page. You will need to scroll down in order to be able to read the full text. If you accept this license agreement, you may download and use CSharpCalc.

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The downloaded archive contains the CSharpCalc executable, two manuals in PDF format and two folders with the sample scripts used in the manuals for your convenience.

Open the archive by (double)clicking on it and drag the executable (CSharpCalc.exe), the manuals and the example scripts to a suitable folder, e.g. your Desktop. In order to get started with CSharpCalc, please read the manual (in PDF format) contained in the downloaded archive. The new 3D extension is introduced in a separate manual.

If you are using an earlier version of CSharpCalc, please replace the older executable with the current version.

Anti-virus software
CSharpCalc is new on the internet and currently unknown to most anti virus programs. In case your virus scanner asks for submitting the file CSharpCalc.exe to the software manufacturer's virus lab for analysis please allow this. By allowing CSharpCalc to be analysed by virus labs you are helping this project. Thank you.

CSharpCalc v1.0 beta 3

This is the third beta version of CSharpCalc. Beta means that the software has been tested by a few people but not by a larger community. Hence, CSharpCalc v1.0 beta 3 may contain serious bugs and it might exhibit malfunction and false results. Use the software but keep in mind that malfunctions might still occur! Version beta 3 introduces an extension for visualizing simulation results and data in 3D.

Changes from the previous version

  • Version 1.0 beta 3
  • Implemented the 3D data visualization extension.
  • An introductory manual for the 3D data visualization extension is available.
  • Implemented custom colormaps and colormap interpolation.
  • Implemented a seamless transform for colormaps.
  • Implemented color interpolation for custom real intervals in the colormaps.
  • Implemented desaturate, contrast and gamma methods for colormaps.
  • CSCDataIO was extended by methdods for reading images and binary files.
  • CSCConsole was extended by protocol recording and error messaging functionality.
  • Removed a bug which caused crashes in cases of faulty serializations.
  • Version 1.0 beta 1a
  • Added a security check which blocks long references to the namespaces System.IO and System.Net prior to compilation.
  • Version 1.0 beta 1
  • Many internal fixes and improvements mostly threading related
  • Improved the text display in the browser.
  • Browser fix: text display now has the focus after selecting a class interface or a file.
  • Improved and updated the class interface documentation in the browser
  • Images shown in the display can now be saved to files with a right mouse click
  • Edit, Stop and Restart buttons are now enabled and disabled appropriately in the runtime interface
  • Added confirmation logic for File->Open in the case that the current code is unsaved
  • Updated confirmation logic of the File->New function
  • Added a function plotting class for making fast function plots
  • Improved the mechanism for deriving custom functions from CSC function classes
  • Added support for plotting parametric curves
  • Extended the colormaps by Silver, Bronze and Sulphur maps
  • A Programmer's Manual is now available for the version 1.0 revisions of CSharpCalc
  • Previous changes
  • The browser has been reworked from console style to GUI style
  • The class documentation has been reworked to actually present a formatted reflection of class interfaces.
  • Some missing algebraic operators in the runtime types were added.
  • Rendering methods of CSCRender2D for rendering sample points and trajectories have been added.

CSharpCalc license agreement

This license agreement is effective for all revisions of CSharpCalc v1.0.

CSharpCalc is a free computer program designed to be used for research activities such as scientific calculation, simulation, visualisation and algorithmic prototyping. The software is provided to the internet community with the sole intension of disseminating the research results achieved by the author. CSharpCalc is NOT a commercial software product. You may download and use the software free of charge but without liability and without warranty of any kind.

Permission to use
You may download and use CSharpCalc free of charge but without any warranty or liability. If you use CSharpCalc you accept full responsibility and liability for all consequences of malfunction or faulty results.

Disclaimer of warranty
There is no warranty for CSharpCalc to the extent permitted by applicable law. The program is provided "as is". This includes, but is not limited to, the fitness for any particular purpose. The entire risk of a potential defect or malfunction of CSharpCalc is with you. Should the program prove defective you assume the full cost of all necessary servicing, repair or correction.

Limitation of liability
In no event, unless required by applicable law, shall the author of the software be liable for any damage arising out of the use of CSharpCalc, not even if the author has knowledge of the possibility of such damage. Possible damage includes, but is not limited to, loss of data, wrong or inaccurately rendered results or the failure of CSharpCalc to operate with any other programms.

No support
CSharpCalc comes with absolutely no support. The author of the software assumes no obligation to help you with any problems you might encounter as a consequence of using CSharpCalc.

Distribution of CSharpCalc
You may not distribute copies of CSharpCalc to third parties unless you have the author's explicit permission to do so. However, you may use the link: for offering downloads of CSharpCalc on your web site.

Governing law
This license agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Austria. Venue of jurisdiction is Graz, Austria.

Severability clause
In the case that any part of this license agreement is found to be invalid, the validity and legality of all remaining provisions stated in this license agreement shall not be affected or impaired thereby.

All versions of CSharpCalc are the intellectual property of Peter Uray. The source code of CSharpCalc is not available for distribution and remains with the author.